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Sample Customization Bird Aviaries, Animal Enclosure, Animal Cages, Zoo Building Decoration

Sample Customization Bird Aviaries, Animal Enclosure, Animal Cages, Zoo Building Decoration

Package Size 100.00cm * 20.00cm * 20.00cm Package Gross Weight 55.000kg Product Description Material: Stainless Steel 30
Basic Info.
Model NO. wywiremesh
Material Type Stainless Steel Wire
Weave Technique Plain Weave
Wire Mesh Width Customizable
Technique Woven
Nickels 8%
Certification ISO9001
Construction of Wire Cable 7 *7, 7*19.
Ferrule Material Stainless Steel 304, 316
Connection Ferrule or Knotted
Wire Dia 1.0~5.0 mm
Surface Treatment Primary Color or Black Oxide Finish
Hole Size 25~200 mm
Transport Package Carton or Wooden Box
Specification 1.2mm 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.4mm
Trademark weiyue
Origin Anping, Hengshui, Hebei, China
HS Code 73141400
Production Capacity 1000m2 Per Day
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 100.00cm * 20.00cm * 20.00cm Package Gross Weight 55.000kg
Product Description

Product Description

Material: Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L.Wire diameter: 1.0 mm - 5.0 mm.
Construction of wire cable: 7 × 7, 7 × 19.
Weaving Types: Handwoven, Open type buckle, Closed type buckle.Mesh opening sizes: 25-200 mm.

Mesh opening angles: 20°, 30°, 60°, 70°, 75°. Mesh aperture at 60° as standard opening.

Surface treatment: primary color or black oxide finish.

Connection: Ferrule or knotted.

Ferrule material: stainless steel, tinned copper, nickel plated copper.

Stainless steel, a versatile material with elegance and robustness, has inspired architectural designers for projects of all kinds. Constructed of quality stainless steel wire ropes, flexible wire rope mesh has unique characteristics that allows design flexibility in architecture. It incorporates the tensile strength of the indestructible stainless steel and aesthetically diamond openings, which is graceful and beautiful.
The mesh is light, robust and transparent, and it can stand up to heavy loads, and now it has been widely used as balustrade infill system, zoo enclosures, tensile facade, safety netting and green wall systems in interior and exterior applications.Weiyue, as one of the leading manufacturers of cable mesh in China, provides various cable mesh mainly in three styles: knotted type cable mesh, ferrule type cable mesh as shown in the below picture.
Both knotted and ferrule type cable mesh feature rhombic patterns, but they are different in the combination way of cables. The cables of former one are inter-woven together, in contrast, the latter one gets its name for seamless ferrules for combining.Features

1. Easy to install, flexible and adaptable to complex terrain and installation angle.

2. Stainless steel cable net of all the parameters can be modified according to customer requirements.

3. Made of high-quality stainless steel wire, strong corrosion resistance, lightweight, high tension, the extreme situation can also maintain stability.

4. The service life of up to several decades and maintenance costs are very low.

5. Stainless steel decorative cable network with diamond-shaped openings, simple and beautiful, easy to clean.
Knotted Type Cable Mesh (Durable, Versatile with Longevity)

Knotted type cable mesh is an inter-woven mesh fabricated from high tensile stainless steel cables in the construction of 7×7 or 7×19. Compared with similar products, our range of knotted cable meshes has incomparable advantages in terms of practicability, security, durability, aesthetic property and life span as shown below:High versatility Our knotted cable mesh is versatile and extensively used in the following aspects: Fall protection. Helipad. Green facade. Parking & garage facades. Decoration. Shop fitting, etc. Building screen. Security fencing. Division screen. Zoo enclosure. Animal cage. Infill balustrade panels. Aviary netting.Excellent security
With flat surface, knotted cable mesh effectively avoids people and animals being scratched. In addition, this mesh is extremely impact resistant, that is to say, it can provide superb protection to enclosed animals and minimize fall damages.
Superb durability
Made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316, our range of knotted cable mesh has indestructible construction for providing high impact and break resistance. It has excellent wear and tear resistance, high load bearing capacity to bear the heavy snow. Meanwhile, it can withstand destructive chewing by rodents and other pests.
Aesthetic property
Equal rhombic holes allow for high transparency without any sight blocking. Its elegant appearance and durable structure make it much more appreciated by garden designers and architects all over the world.
Wide life span
It also has high resistance to UV, corrosion and rust which permit a long lifespan over 30 years. Meanwhile, our range of knotted cable mesh is free of maintenance and special cleaning and coating are not needed. Besides, knotted cable mesh supplied is environment friendly, non-flammable and reusable. Additionally, flexible structure allows for free-angle curving and fold for easy transportation and installation.
Ferrule Type Cable Mesh (Combines Flexibility and Strength)
Ferrule type cable mesh has similar physical properties to knotted cable mesh, but different combination style - seamless ferrules that combine cables together to form a resilient metal fabric with rhombus holes. This flexible mesh gracefully adapts to your most challenging 3-D tensile projects and various applications owing to following advantages:High transparency
These meshes are pulled into diamond patterns to let ample light and air pass through. Owing to high transparency, they are widely applied to animal enclosure, animal cages, aviary netting, ceiling and parking garages. With dull, silver sheen, they blend into the surrounding environment easily.
High strength
Quality material and seamless ferrules impart high strength to the cable mesh and make it appropriate to projects requiring high load capacity and dependability, especially public applications subjected to vandalism and security fences for rockfall protection.
Flexible & impact resistance
The advantages of impact resistance mainly lies within the flexible structure which make this cable mesh ideal to be used as balustrade for bridges, path and stairs. Meanwhile, its flexible structure also allows for numerous creativity in planning and execution of projects.
Small rhombus patterns effectively prevent a foothold and climbing actions so they are widely used in museums, schools, recreational fields and children's activity areas.
Weather resistant
Made of quality stainless steel, our ferrule type cable mesh can be advantageous when applied to the harshest conditions thanks to its superb resistance to bad weather and ultraviolet. Thus, additional anti- corrosive coating is not needed.
Easy installation & maintenance-free
Ferrule type cable mesh can be fixed to the steel tubular frame easily and quickly using simple hardware. Meanwhile, it retains original shape and resiliency indefinitely so that the needs of adjustment periodically is eliminated.For zoo/ aviary
Stainless steel rope nets are used for cage nets, which are usually used for outdoor bird nets to cover the tops and sides of the birds' gardens and to build miniature natural ecological landscapes for birds. A good viewing line gives birds a free space to fly freely.
ModelStructureRope DiameterMesh Opening
20767*7 or 7*192.0mm76*76mm
20517*7 or 7*192.0mm51*51mm
16517*7 or 7*191.6mm51*51mm
16387*7 or 7*191.6mm38*38mm
12387*7 or 7*191.2mm38*38mm
12307*7 or 7*191.2mm30*30mm
12257*7 or 7*191.2mm25*25mm

Sample Customization Bird Aviaries, Animal Enclosure, Animal Cages, Zoo Building Decoration

Ordering: Specific to order, according to the project. The following specifications are that customers ordered frequently
CodeRope ConstructionRope DiameterOpening SizeBreaking Force
WY-017 × 191/83.24.7" × 4.7"120 × 1207.38
WY-027 × 191/83.24" × 4"102 × 1027.38
WY-037 × 191/83.23.6" × 3.6"90 × 907.38
WY-047 × 191/83.23" × 3"76 × 767.38
WY-057 × 191/83.22" × 2"51 × 517.38
WY-067 × 73/322.44" × 4"102 × 1024.18
WY-077 × 73/322.43.6" × 3.6"90 × 904.18
WY-087 × 73/322.43" × 3"76 × 764.18
WY-097 × 73/322.42.4" × 2.4"60 × 604.18
WY-107 × 73/322.42" × 2"51 × 514.18
WY-117 × 75/6423" × 3"76 × 763.17
WY-127 × 75/6422.4" × 2.4"60 × 603.17
WY-137 × 75/6422" × 2"51 × 513.17
WY-147 × 75/6421.5" × 1.5"38 × 383.17
WY-157 × 71/161.63" × 3"76 × 762.17
WY-167 × 71/161.62" × 2"51 × 512.17
WY-177 × 71/161.61.5" × 1.5"38 × 382.17
WY-187 × 71/161.61.2" × 1.2"30 × 302.17
WY-197 × 71/161.61" × 1"25 × 252.17
WY-207 × 73/641.22" × 2"51 × 511.22
WY-217 × 73/641.21.5" × 1.5"38 × 381.22
WY-227 × 73/641.21.2" × 1.2"30 × 301.22
WY-237 × 73/641.21" × 1"25 × 251.22
WY-247 × 73/641.20.8" × 0.8"20 × 201.22

We invite you to consider the rope mesh as a material to be incorporated in your design scheme. The specification for your reference as follows:

Product specificationWire cable diameterWire cable diameterMesh hole sizeMesh hole sizeWeight
16381/16"1.61.5" x 1.5"38 x 380.64
16511/16"1.62" x 2"51 x 510.5
20385/64"21.5" x 1.5"38 x 381.03
20515/64"22" x 2"51 x 510.76
20605/64"22.36" x 2.36"60 x 600.7
24513/32"2.382" x 2"51 x 511.02
24603/32"2.382.36" x 2.36"60 x 600.87
24763/32"2.383" x 3"76 x 760.72
32511/8"3.182" x 2"51 x 511.95
32601/8"3.182.36" x 2.36"60 x 601.65
32761/8"3.183" x 3"76 x 761.28

Company Profile
Hebei Weiyue Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd makes and sells primary wire mesh and wire products. It's located in "the hometown of wire mesh", Anping County of China.We have always been sticking to provide our clients with high quality products, favorable prices and first-class sales service, to develop excellent customers relationship with every valuable customers all over the world.The company introduces precise making machines and technics, combining scientific inner managing method and quality control system. Since the year it was established, we developed our powder and credit standing and got reliance of our customers in home and abroad. Our products are checking by very high standard, and the qualified ones left the factory to the whole country and some abroad countries, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, America, Japan, and some Africa countries.

Sample Customization Bird Aviaries, Animal Enclosure, Animal Cages, Zoo Building Decoration

Sample Customization Bird Aviaries, Animal Enclosure, Animal Cages, Zoo Building Decoration

Sample Customization Bird Aviaries, Animal Enclosure, Animal Cages, Zoo Building Decoration

Sample Customization Bird Aviaries, Animal Enclosure, Animal Cages, Zoo Building Decoration