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Terex tower crane trio in Trento

Jun 13, 2023Jun 13, 2023

By Alex Dahm21 June 2023

Renovation and improvement work, all achieved thanks to tower cranes, has started on a group of 14 residential towers in Italy.

For nearly fifty years the “Towers of Trento” have soared over the town’s skyline, rising to a height of 13 storeys.

The 14 high-rise buildings, called Torri di Madonna Bianca, were built in 1975 in South Trento. More than 500 families, a total of around 1,400 people, now live there.

Work started in late 2022 on the first three towers. It is supported by the Italian government’s “110 per cent Superbonus” tax credit initiative. Energy efficiency upgrades are part of the work as are seismic performance enhancements and improvements to the appearance. Work on the remaining towers will begin over the next few months. Minimising disruption to residents is a key requirement as all the apartments will remain occupied throughout the works.

Doing the work are three Terex CTT 202-10 flat top tower cranes, erected to heights of 56, 59, and 62 metres and all with 65 metre jibs. Capacity is 10 tonnes and they lift 2.33 tonnes at jib-end. Local Terex dealer and rental company Tecnoedil erected the cranes in a matter of hours, Terex said.

Mauro Facchinelli, Tecnoedil owner, said, “We’re very familiar with Terex’s city class models, which we’ve been working with for many years. They’re versatile and easy to maintain, which is ideal for our large fleet of hundreds of rental cranes.”

The cranes on site have the T-Link telematics allowing Tecnoedil to manage the fleet remotely and to optimise maintenance and servicing. Remote diagnosis of issues with a crane reduces the number of site visits needed. Some things can also be corrected remotely, removing the need for a site visit altogether.