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AMCS Technologies and Wolffkran announce partnership at ITC

Oct 26, 2023Oct 26, 2023

By Niamh Marriott14 June 2023

Collision avoidance technology supplier AMCS Technologies and tower crane manufacturer and rental group Wolffkran announced at the ITC tower crane conference an official partnership agreement.

The agreement will equip Wolffkran cranes with AMCS Technologies’ zoning and anticollision systems type DCS 61-S.

Wolffkran, headquartered in Switzerland, chose to integrate AMCS Technologies to its catalogue as an official supplier, to help guarantee construction site safety by managing interferences between static and dynamic obstacles.

AMCS, headquartered in France, said its system can integrate the management of anticollision between tower cranes, mobile cranes (with telescopic or fixed jib), gantry crane, concrete mast and other machines.

The system is compliant with European standards EN17076 and EN14439, and can be adapted for specific site requirements.

By installing this system into its fleet of cranes, Wolffkran wants to offer its customers a reliable and high-performance system that provides maximum safety and a next-gen service, including technical support and user training.

Commenting on the agreement Mohamed Chettibi, AMCS Technologies CEO, said, “We could not be more excited about this new agreement. It represents a real powerful combination and an important step in providing sites with the right solution.

“We truly believe customers of our both companies will benefit from this partnership and that combining high reliable solutions will boost market synergies to meet their high expectations.”