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LEGO Icons Eldorado Fortress (10320) Review

Sep 02, 2023Sep 02, 2023

In the past year or so, LEGO has released sets in the LEGO Icons line that pays homage to the classic sets and the latest one is the Eldorado Fortress (10320). It has 2,509 pieces and retails for $214.99. This set is an modern look for the Eldorado Fortress (6276) from 1989.

There are eight minifigures in the set, six Imperial Soldiers and two Pirates. The Admiral has on a different blue uniform than the others. The bicorn that he wears with the red feather is similar to a minifigure in the original set.

There are two female officers that have the similar uniforms but have different colored epaulettes. They also have hats molded on to their hairs. They also have double-sided heads as well.

In addition, there are also three soldiers with their classic Imperial uniforms. Each of them have their own unique faces but they all wear the same hats and have on backpacks. They also have muskets as accessories.

Next up, we have Lady Anchor who makes another appearance. She has a different out than in the Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322) where she has a red shirt over the white.

The last minifigure is a generic pirate that has a red and white tanktop with green pants. The head has a very pirate look with beard, eye patch, and gold tooth.

The first part of the build is the pirate galleon which looks very similar to the one from the Imperial Trading Post (6277). The shape of it looks pretty nice especially at the bow with it using hinge plates to get the curves and the slight up angle.

The two sails on the mast are held on using some rods that are on ball joints. The sail on the bowspirit is held up using a rope that goes all the way up the mast.

There’s also a small rowboat for the two pirates.

When you look at Eldorado Fortress, you can tell that LEGO tried to make the set faithful to the original 6276 while using updated parts and building techniques. On the left side, you have the pebblestone ramp going up to the gates that is in an alcove. There are some 2×2 round jumper plates for minifigures to stand on. For the gates, this is the first time LEGO has used them in this color.

Above the gates is a little lookout area with two muskets aiming down. Right above the door is one of the many cannons that you can find in the fortress. Next to that is a larger flag of the Imperial Guards and it is printed on both sides.

On the other side of the building, you have Admiral’s office which is rather small. There’s not much here but there’s a desk with a map along with a candle and inkwell. Behind all of that is another cannon aiming in the opposite direction.

Behind the walls is a little walkway that runs down to the beach area below.

Next up, there’s another larger section of Eldorado that is on water. Half of the section is used for the black docks. Hidden on one side of the docks is a lever that slides to release the trapdoor which drops an unsuspecting individual to the water below.

The area next to the docks is a little tower that sits on top of some rocks. At the top of the tower, there’s a cannon overlooking the area. Below that is a little storage room with a sack, barrel, and a broom. At the lower level, there’s a small cave hiding a treasure chest as well as barrels of what I assume is some alcohol. In the front of this tower, there’s a beach area with a couple of trees.

Another section of Eldorado has the large working crane up top. Below it is another storge area with a barrel and a sack. The lower level has a little cave walkway that goes all the way through.

The last section of Eldorado Fortress is another tower section on the rocks but isn’t as tall as the one by the docks. Here we have small prison area with some floor detailing. One of the windows has actually been sabotaged so it can break open easily for the inmate to escape. The window sits on only two studs so it can be pulled off easily.

On the other side, there’s a door going to the underwater cave which stores another treasure chest filled with gold ingots. Further down the cave, an unfortunate soul has met their demise as all there remains is a skeleton.

One of the main new features is that the set is completely modular. There are clips in various spots to connect the sections together for enhanced play. If you widen the whole fortress out you can even fit the ship in as if it is docked.

LEGO has been hitting the nostalgia factor perfectly the past few years with the sets that commemorates past themes and the LEGO Icons Eldorado Fortress (10320) is no exception. The main model looks good with the updated parts and building techniques while mostly keeping the original look. I do appreciate the addition of the pirate galleon as it enhances the play value of the set while also putting two classic sets together in one.

Thank you to LEGO for sending in this set for me to review. The content above represents my own opinion and not the company. Review sets sent in does not guarantee a positive review.

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