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Vitesco to market OE parts for independent aftermarket

Jul 27, 2023Jul 27, 2023

By Julian Buckley03 July 2023

Vitesco Technologies has launched direct sales of OE manufactured spare parts for the independent aftermarket.

The first components to be offered via the channel are the NOx sensors. These ensure that combustion engines comply with emissions regulations by analysing exhaust streams.

“We are also following this strategy in our efforts to ensure that the internal combustion vehicles on the market operate as cleanly and efficiently as possible. We meet this responsibility by ensuring the supply of original spare parts in the independent aftermarket as an original equipment manufacturer,” says Gregory May, head of the Aftermarket and Non-Automotive business unit.

Vitesco has produced more than 100 million NOx sensors for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The sensors now feature on about 300 vehicle models.

The NOx sensors will be available through the Christian Winkler chain of parts stores. The company has 42 locations in seven European countries.

Supported by a new central warehouse in Dortmund, Vitesco will look to build on this first aftermarket offering with additional parts for IC and electric vehicles. The cooperation with Winkler will work in parallel with distribution of original spare parts through Continental.